LAK Extracts(Min Order 5 Packs) $100.00


LAK Extracts specializes in creating top-tier concentrates derived from premium quality nug and trim run cannabis. Sprung from the experienced growers and concentrate experts, LAK Extracts optimizes their concentrates for optimum flavor, aroma and potency. For a consistently excellent dabbing experience, look no further than. History: Early on, LAK Extracts knew they wanted to create products pulled from their organically grown flower, and to pay special attention to small details that make or break the cannabis experience. With over ten years of growing and extracting experience, the founders of prioritized using the best possible techniques to offer an optimum concentrate with every batch.

LAK Extracts(Min Order 5 Packs), When they were happy with their consistency, they proudly launched LAK Extracts in early 2016. Since opening, they have grown to offer their premium level concentrates throughout Southern California, partnering with cannabis industry leaders and continually refining their processes with a dedication to their number one source of inspiration: their patients. Products: As part of a vertically integrated company, LAK Extracts pulls their premium concentrates from in-house grown flowers, all raised organically without any pesticides or contaminants. Using refined techniques, LAK Extracts offers a variety of nug run and trim run shatters, waxes, sugar leaf, live resin and much more, always adapting their practices to fit the flower in question.

With a focus on terpenes, flavors and potency, LAK Extracts proudly offers a number of beloved products, including their LA Cookies Shatter and their Los Angeles Kush Nug Run. Lab Testing: LAK Extracts tests all of their concentrates prior to distribution, submitting their goods to SC Labs to accurately test for potency, terpene profiles, residual solvents, and any other impurities, allowing patients to rest at ease that they’re consuming the purest possible concentrates. Networks: LAK Extracts offers their top-tier concentrates as a part of their home company, Los Angeles Kush. Patients can find LAK Extracts in dispensaries including HCC Plus, House of Kush and CHR, and other shops across Los Angeles, San Diego, Barstow, Inland Empire and the San Fernando Valley. They also work with Fat Dabs, Moxie and Critical among others to offer exclusive collaboration concentrates.



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