Exotic Pods(Min Order 15) $25.00


This near perfect hybrid leans ever-so-slightly towards its indica phenotype (55% indica/45% sativa). Exotic Pods(Min Order 15), It packs a considerable amount of potency as well, at 18-21% THC. As its name implies, this cannabis plant is best enjoyed when parked in front of the television on a Saturday morning. It provides some seriously chill vibes, but won’t knock out a smoker. Considered a couch-locker strain that’ll keep the eyes open, Fruity Pebbles is best for relaxing and unwinding, or getting rid of aches or pains.

Zalt Pods presents a unique concoction of three flavors that are unique in the realm of vaping.

Enjoy the awesome flavors that allows you to expand your experiences with your Juul Device

Each pack has four zalt pods, prefilled with premium juice and 1.1ml nicotine by volume or 5% nicotine by weight.

The product contains natural nicotine salts.

Zalt Nic-Salts provide award winning e-liquid formulas to the vaping market.

These are prefilled pods so you don’t have to mess around mixing  chemicals and worrying about getting ratios right.

Well why not? They fit straight into your Juul device, and being a premixed pod, you don’t have to mix chemicals and flavored like a crazy chemist!

Zalt pride themselves on being very competitive in the market in regards to pricing.

So you can try all these new awesome flavors for cheaper

For the cheap prices, new flavors, and different formulations – the already very popular zalt pods are worth a try!

  • Zalt Pods Berry Lemonade: Southern-style sweet lemonade with a hint of mixed berries.
  • Zalt Pods Blue Raspberry: A sweet medley of blueberries and raspberries.
  • Zalt Pods Cool Mint: Refreshing peppermint flavor. Cool in and out.
  • Zalt Pods Green Apple Candy: Enjoy a treat of tart green apple hard candy.
  • Zalt Pods Mango: Just a pure mango flavor.
  • Zalt Pods Passion fruit, Orange, Guava: an exotic tropical blend.
  • Zalt Pods Strawberry Watermelon Menthol: Refreshing red fruits with a light mint finish.
  • Zalt Pods Tobacco: Bold Virginia tobacco, pure and simple.


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