Drip Oils Extracts (Min Order:10) $50.00


Our concentrate line is made from the highest quality material available from our cultivation of boutique cannabis flowers. Drip Oils Extracts (Min Order:10), We offer four different tiers for patients to choose from to allow the budget conscious and connoisseurs alike to find a concentrate that is just right for them. Buy Drip Oils Extracts Online, The tiers also designate the quality of material used: Silver and Gold are made from cured cannabis material while Platinum and Diamond is reserved for our nug run and live resin extracts.

I love pax and I love pax pods. but the drip pods are a little too terpy for me. I can puff on these pods all day and will only get kind of lifted. that’s a good and bad thing but the terps are too overbearing for the amount of weed you actually taste. but all in all I liked it.
1 month ago


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